Adolescent Therapy
Adolescence poses unique challenges to both children and parents; new freedoms, physical changes and exposure to an increasingly adult environment create the potential for conflict under the best of circumstances. While most adolescents navigate this time of change with only minor turbulence, some adolescents become oppositional, defiant, withdrawn or depressed in situations that seem less challenging for their peers. At Bay Area PCIT we offer a warm, practical, skills-building approach that gives adolescents crucial tools for growth and development and supports parents in becoming a major resource for their developing child.

Family Therapy
Family conflict is often painful, but the very same family challenges that bring you into therapy may provide a pathway to the harmonious, loving and satisfying family life you have been wanting. At Bay Area PCIT we specialize in approaches that have been proven effective with a variety of complex problems faced by a diverse range of families. Working within a safe and structured environment, we support you and your loved ones in finding stable ground in your relationships, healing from past troubles and creating new, healthier ways of relating. If your family is facing challenges and conflict, we can help you to both build a new foundation for your family, and to reconnect with the generations of family resilience each unique family represents.

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